Immediately Reduce Your Operating Costs, Liability Exposure & Eliminate Fraud at All Levels

If your business has (or anticipates) more than $550,000 in annual gross sales receipts, we have some good news for you. iCREDIT gives your business the opportunity to prevent fraud and eliminate some of your default risk exposure, while increasing your profitability and freeing you up from that loathsome reporting burden all at the same time.

What will you do with the extra time and money?

Watch the Brief iCREDIT Summary Video

The Rainmaker Analytics iCREDIT Program is a unique out-of-the-box program that runs behind the scenes of your business to create the following benefits you are bound to like:

Elimination of invoice phishing fraud and payment diversion fraud schemes forever. Whether the phony invoice is from outside or inside your company, the outcome is the same – no payment is possible.

♦Immediately reduce your operating costs associated with some of the common G&A expenses and liabilities.

♦Create the opportunity to lower the cost of goods and services your business uses obtains from vendors by being able to demand “cash on the barrel-head” pricing and expect to get it.

♦Eliminate redundant bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting and audit trail positions, time and cost. 

♦Enjoy the benefit of having independent funds custody to eliminate investor concerns about what your company may do with the money they risk.

Eliminate the time, hassle and concern of having to generate management reports for investors, lenders and principals by having it done in real-time.

iCREDIT is not free but your income statement may tell you different. Your expectation of having this service should be one focused on the premise that iCREDIT increases cash flow over and above the cost of service – a net win, win!

If you demand something different, then you need to talk to a Rainmaker Analytics consultant today.  Please call and ask about the Rainmaker iCREDIT Program. 

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