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Finding the right support is critical. Rainmaker Analytics provides a proactive approach to providing investment loss prevention services, reports and systems. Our approach is designed for today’s commercial real estate businesses, other B2B business and corporations on an end-to-end basis that is holistic in addressing the core problems (not just the symptoms). Our best-in-class approach is comprehensive and the resulting services provide support to the financial industries facing the realities of CECL compliance, commercial real estate development industry, construction industry and businesses large and small in the B2B sector who seek to maximize their opportunity to provide integrity to their customers, shareholders, creditors and employees by outperforming the market thru advanced analytics applications.

Special Bulletin on Capital Financing

The SEC has released Final Rule 33-10884 that includes landmark changes to Regulation A, Section 4(a)(6) – “Regulation Crowdfunding” or “Reg. CF” – and Regulation D private placement securities offerings, together with new rules and guidance on securities offerings for small and medium size issuers and commercial real estate developers. This new final rule creates fundamental changes in how our capital markets will function in the future and how entrepreneurs, businesses and CRE developers can access capital financing for their business ventures. We are in the process of updating the website to reflect these incredible changes (and their associated new opportunities) and urge you to review the new rules and regulations with your legal counsel before undertaking further capital financing activities as you have in the past. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposed capital financing needs. In the meantime, we suggest you read some of the relevant information already posted on our website (start here).

business accelerator program support for securities private placement offerings
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Naturally, these services extend to supporting all forms of capital markets transactions including the new Regulation CF, Regulation A and Rule 506(c) opportunities that create a whole new level of capital financing power for the benefit of entrepreneurs, developers and corporations, alike. This opens the door for multiple venues of pre-offering exposure to the capital markets for issuers, including accelerator programs such as the INVIZEN Business Accelerator Program.

What We Do…

Underwriting Reviews for New Construction, Acquisitions & Securities Offerings
Comprehensive Analytics Underpin Our Report
Verifier Report (CRE SWOT Analysis)
Verifier Report (CRE Due Diligence)
Verifier Report (CRE Analytics)
Feasibility Studies Focused on KPIs Tied to Risks
Information on Market Potential
Comprehensive Due Diligence
Unique Market Analysis Focused on Future Deal Structure
Supply & Demand Accounted For
Impact on Capital Financing Defined
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Our primary mission is supporting the capital markets by providing underwriting due diligence reports to developers, promoters, sponsors, entrepreneurs, family offices, institutional investors, lenders, broker-dealers and registered investment advisors on investment and loan opportunities where exhaustive detail and research to define risks and price them to market is critical to decision-making. Our advanced analytics reporting system provides reports in as little as 1 business day on CRE new construction and acquisition transactions that conventional underwriting takes weeks or months to prepare. Of course, the cost is also fractional, but not at the price of sacrificing quality, depth of research, the due diligence library of additional reports or integrity. Imagine what we can do about the costs and profit challenges your institution faces with CECL and HVCRE issues and you start to see the power of INVIZEN.

We Follow Your Business’ Entire Life-Cycle

Our services pick you up wherever you are to support the integrity of your finances, prevent fraud or embezzlement from having a chance to occur, prevent common execution risk failures, help prevent financing failures and do so in an efficient and affordable way.

Take our fraud program for an example. Watch the video on the amazing iCREDIT program and see the future of business that has arrived.

Watch the Brief iCREDIT Summary Video

We support mission-critical industry groups that create wealth and value by which all Americans benefit. If you are an institutional investment fund, family office, entrepreneur, securities issuer, securities broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, legal, accounting or tax professional, then you need to see the difference in what we do that nobody else can begin to offer you, your business, your shareholders or your markets.

The services are just too broad and too engaging to put on one page. Take the time to find out more by contacting our offices today.

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