Rainmaker Rule 506(c) Capital Markets Program

Obtaining Financing is Not Enough: Financing Opportunities Must Include Profit-Taking Opportunities

Entrepreneurs, developers and promoters have been conditioned to believe they should feel fortunate to be lucky enough to obtain financing for the business or project.  They are conditioned to believe the value they create must go to others and their opportunity must be deferred to later when the IPO happens – and maybe not even then.  Profit-taking happens in the capital markets on a routine basis and the private placement market is now turning into a public capital market very much like the IPO market.

The game has certainly changed but many people have no idea it even exists outside of Wall Street insiders.  Now you can profit in the same manner they do if you understand the rules of the road.

The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program helps put you in the position of being on the inside by offering a capital markets support program designed to achieve:

♦A true end-to-end solution that takes the issuer from initial due diligence review all the way thru to the close of the offering escrow.

♦Up to 98.5% of the total capital required on a non-recourse basis while retaining control of up to 90% of the long-term equity and cash flow in the deal (i.e.: high LTC and low dilution potential).

♦Eliminates the reliance upon broker-dealers, lenders, investment funds and angel investors who have used their control to your disadvantage, thus creating a unique profit-taking opportunity (read this memo before you call us).

♦Utilizes a targeted marketing approach to help you quickly sell out an offering with a degree of certainty that was previously only possible with an IPO to prospective investors who are qualified as being accredited investors

♦Provides you with the technology to complete the underwriting review, development of the offering, filings and entry into the market in as little as 21 days.

♦Has a cost of issuance expected to be a fraction of the cost of issuance for public offerings because you don’t have a broker-dealer or underwriter discount to swallow.

Our exclusive program provides a fast, affordable, credible alternative for entrepreneurs, businesses and commercial real estate property developers and sponsors seeking at least $10 million in capital financing to do so and yet retain up to 90% of the long-term equity cash flow rights in the transaction.  All of business demands we take calculated risks.  The odds can be changed in your favor.  For those who think they should not take these risks there is an alternative financing vehicle availableThe statistics regarding the efficacy of this approach are undeniable

If you demand something different, then you need to talk to a Rainmaker Analytics consultant today.  Please call and ask about the Rainmaker Capital Markets Program and watch the video.