CRE Sponsor Conflicts-of-Interest Solutions

Crowdfunding sites engaged in CRE transactions sometimes live in fear of the conflicts-of-interest sponsors can bring to the table.  Conflicts-of-interest make for potential future disputes and the source of investment fraud claims loss severity risk, so the INVIZEN approach to conflicts-of-interest resolution is something we need to talk to you about.  Investments in commercial real estate and alternative investment private placement offerings of securities frequently include sponsors who are wearing multiple hats and have multiple (i.e.: vertically-integrated) revenue structures that come at the price of creating a potential conflict-of-interest with investors and lenders.  While it is a disclosure issue, it is also an issue that can be quickly put to bed and create future profits for crowdfunding sites under the INVIZEN Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program monitoring subscription service.  The RTS approach provides real-time, proactive risk mitigation defense measures against commercial real estate and alternative investment business bankruptcy risk, foreclosure risk and investment non-performance risk.  If you check our pricing you will find the cost is not even materially-significant, so this can be used to the advantage of buy-side transaction participants to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and investor/lender protection all in one fell swoop.  If you demonstrate transparency and a commitment to looking after the investor, then you make them want to talk about it and talk about you in a way that just might drive more investors to your platform rather than your competitors’ platforms.

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