1031 NNN CRE Investment Yields

Put commercial real estate investors in a room and the subject of yields and 1031 NNN CRE investment yields is bound to come up.  The question of investment yields – and how to get higher yields in 1031 investment vehicles – is driven by a variety of risk factors over which there has been little control until now.  INVIZEN offers the 1031 commercial real estate industry with an advance in technology designed to help prevent the most common investment loss risk scenarios from becoming realities over the entire investment holding period, and that means the potential for higher-yielding 1031 NNN CRE investments becoming realities just got a bit more real.  Imagine what would potentially happen if the sponsor of your NNN property (or portfolio, as the case may be) could offer you:RTU technical commercial real estate underwriting report

  • The opportunity for proactive investment fraud prevention for the entire term of your investment; and/or
  • The opportunity to have your investment completely re-underwritten each and every month of the investment term for proactive prevention of term default risk, maturity default risk and technical default risk (the biggest contributors to future investment failure); and/or
  • The opportunity to realize profit-taking opportunities as a result of changing market opportunities that used to mean you were headed for an unavoidable investment train wreck; and/or
  • The opportunity to proactively manage the future income opportunity by managing the one risk everyone believes to be unmanageable – the risk of loss due to technology advances and innovations that can eat into future revenues and cause losses; and/or
  • The opportunity to have these risks managed in a cost-efficient and affordable manner.

CRE investment risk are a reality that we all face.  The risks are so high that many commercial insurance carriers are specifically excluding commercial real estate securities private placement offerings from professional liability insurance coverage.  This means many higher-yielding opportunities can’t come to market simply because of fears of future investment fraud claims loss risk exposure that was not previously manageable.

Now it can be managed for profit.

DST & 1031-Exchange Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Investment Loss Severity Risk Management

The INVIZEN Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program offers the CRE industry the first and only end-to-end solution that starts at original underwriting and then follows the investment on an ongoing monthly basis to provide advance warning of market disruptions, common forms of investment fraud, liquidity default events and other maladies that could otherwise create a bankruptcy or foreclosure default event for the full term of the investment holding period.  INVIZEN supports the project and the participants the entire way with our exclusive suite of business planning services specifically designed to proactively manage execution risk because the budgets, goals and owner requirements are automatically updated and transmitted down to the line employee level through every level of management that includes tasking, productivity measurement and automated reporting.  What does your due diligence program have?

Whether you are a lender, a sponsor, an issuer, an investor, a broker-dealer or a registered investment advisor, the INVIZEN RTS program is designed to help you achieve your stated goals and manage the risks of a changing CRE environment in a way that is truly revolutionary.  Find out more about INVIZEN today by talking to an INVIZEN representative at 832.663.9634.