Today the team at INVIZEN is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the CRE platform to undertake a joint-venture where the companies will undertake a joint marketing and operating initiative to promote the INVIZEN RTS Asset Protection Care Program through the portal for the benefit of the CRE financial industry.  This venture represents the initial move of INVIZEN into the $6.6 trillion CRE investment realm within the U.S. and is intended to support the investment goals of investors, lenders, and sponsors who wish to reduce and/or eliminate their exposure to asset losses due to non-performing loans and investments.  INVIZEN plans to make the RTS program available worldwide within 24 months of this initial testing phase of operations.

The INVIZEN RTS Asset Protection Care Program represents a potential $13.2 billion market opportunity for INVIZEN and the company seeks to penetration 10% of the total market opportunity within the next 3 to 5 years that includes a revenue-sharing arrangement between INVIZEN and that serves as the all-important proof of concept of the INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics reporting system component of the INVIZEN platform.  Central to this goal is the work that is to be undertaken between the team lead by Andreas Senie’s programming professionals, and the INVIZEN team led by the original INVIZEN concept developer and COO of INVIZEN, Clint Lovell.  The current plan envisions the RTS system being fully live in real-time for CRE investment and loan programs on June 1st of this year with the test marketing to commence almost immediately, and then leading to the real-time availability of all supporting RTS program services.

For more information on this program initiative please feel free to contact us at 832.663.9634 or contact Andreas Senie, Director of Business Development at at (917) 793-9053 for more information.



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