Broker-Dealer Investment Fraud Claims Loss Risk

It’s about time we did something about the cost of investment fraud claims, as this problem has now reached the point where many broker-dealers and registered investment advisors can no longer afford the premiums or are facing the reality their carrier is excluding commercial real estate and alternative investment private placement offering securities transactions from coverage.  INVIZEN now offers the only end-to-end solution that is specifically designed to reduce the future exposure of broker-dealer and registered investment representative for investment fraud claims loss by addressing the source of the problem – future commercial real estate property business bankruptcy risk and foreclosure risk events.  Our real-time solution provides up to 24 months of advance notice of market disruptions that could create a liquidity crisis that would otherwise end in a bankruptcy petition, while also monitoring property operations to help prevent those pesky administrative foreclosure default issues from being the issue.  All of this happens in a real-time environment thanks to our technology that allows investors and lenders to have the luxury of having their loan or investment completely re-underwritten each and every month of the investment holding period to provide the highest level of investment performance assurance we can contrive and do so affordably.

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