My Voice Is My Password, Verify Me

Fraud is a big problem.  The title of this blog is a line from the iconic movie Sneakers, but it heralded a development in technology and pointed to what advances in technology could mean to our economy of the future.  The central idea was that your voice was matched to a recording of you saying the same words as a basis for identification.  Today we are now taking it to a whole new level to do some amazing things in the commercial real estate finance vertical to end the problem associated with future loss exposure due to claims of fraud.

The next generation of voice technology doesn’t care if you know the right phrase because it isn’t looking for a particular word, it is looking to see if who is saying those words has the vocal chords that will make that phrase – a big difference and it provides an accuracy level greater than that of your fingerprints.

We have obtained exclusive rights to this new technology to use it for the purposes of verifying investor subscription agreements in private placement offerings of securities to eliminate the major source of future investor claims of investment fraud on securities broker-dealers on the buy-side and sell-side and for registered investment advisors.  This fraud protection program is part of the INVIZEN IT Real-Time Status Asset Care Protection Program – a business subscription service that is designed to provide investment performance assurance monitoring and prevention of bankruptcy and foreclosure events for the full term of the investment holding period.  INVIZEN does this in a real-time setting utilizing our proprietary technology to provide a proactive approach to eliminating commercial real estate loan and investment loss severity risk.

What’s your password to success in investing and finance?

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