Got Tech? Time to Cash In & Get Capital!

The goal of the INVIZEN Real-Time Status loan and investment loss management system was to penetrate the commercial real estate finance vertical and help put an end to the loss severity risk exposure that has manifested itself into more than $500 billion in annual losses on a global basis.  We wanted to get this part of INVIZEN down tight and then move on to the other parts of our world domination plan for commerce.  The next step was entering the technology sector and providing buy-side and sell-side underwriting analyses and due diligence reviews for Internet Information Technology companies as they represent the future of the Information Age.  Our thinking and planning evolved around the thought that if you control the money and the information, then you can find a way to penetrate a large segment of commerce.  This next step would be happening sometime in 2019 or 2020.  Plenty of time for our development people to get things just the way they wanted them to be.

Forget that plan.  Today we start the path on the IT industry with the first two buy-side underwriting analysis and due diligence transactions.  Truthfully, we are elated and scared to death at the same time.  While we readily embrace the fact that technology makes all of our lives better – and that’s the whole point of it – we have found out that comes with the price of making our development schedule and strategy a joke.  Perhaps these are the problems we would all want.  Decisions have consequences and we are continuing to make decisions and hoping the consequences will be good for everyone involved.

The same principles have to apply and yet the environment is completely different in the IT world to that of commercial real estate.  The challenges relating to detecting market disruptions caused by advances in technology and innovations are most acutely experienced in the IT segment and this represents a special challenge for investors and lenders seeking to reduce their risk of loss due to these issues.  IT also represents the biggest and hardest potential test for the INVIZEN program and we are hitting this challenge head-on.

Yes, the times they are a-changin’…

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