INVIZEN IT Announces Second Quarter Results: $635 Million+ Underwriting & Due Diligence Assignments

We are pleased to announce the second quarter results for our Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program underwriting analysis and due diligence program for commercial real estate equity and debt financing securities private placement offerings by broker-dealers and registered investment advisors.  Our goal was $1 billion for the first quarter of actual business operations but we are hopeful we can pick up the pace.  Below are a portion of the transactions completed.


DST commercial real estate single-tenant lease equity financing

commercial real estate single-tenant lease acquisition financing

hotel hospitality mixed-use acquisition equity financing

INVIZEN IT provides real-time investment loss severity risk management and mitigation on a proactive basis for the entire term of the investment.  The INVIZEN IT program design focuses on providing the following component services that support the proactive, real-time approach to investment/loan loss prevention:

  • Real-Time Underwriting – capacity, collateral, credit and default risk underwriting analyses and reviews each month; and
  • Real-Time Business Planning – business operations plan development and updates each month to manage execution risk and mitigate loss events proactively; and
  • Real-Time Feasibility Studies – full, complete and tested market and financial feasibility studies that power our underwriting and business planning program components; and
  • Real-Time Valuation – full-scope site and market valuations that power the feasibility analysis program by simultaneously testing up to 32 intended-use scenarios for commercial real estate income-producing property investment and redevelopment program decision-making.

Find our what we can do for your ambitions by contacting our offices at 832.663.9634.

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