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Every day more unsolicited funding proposals come in your inbox, mailbox or thru the door. You spend countless dollars, hours and resources on transactions only to find out – for whatever reason – they can’t make it thru underwriting. Imagine replacing all of that time and money with a phone call and spending as little as $1,000 to get a comprehensive due diligence assessment report in just a day.

The INVIZEN Verifier Report summary provides a summary of our in-depth valuation analysis, feasibility analysis, underwriting review and transaction structure for lending, investing or acquisition transactions.

CRE new construction underwriting, securities offerings and commercial lending just got a little easier. This report separates the potential deals that can be structured to close from those that will not make the cut no matter what you do.

The INVIZEN Verifier underwriting technology incorporates the best CREFC practices and exceeds Basel III HVCRE underwriting requirements. All in one day, starting at just $1,000. What have you been losing out on?

We are growing again. Despite COVID we are looking for seasoned outside sales representatives who have a track record in the financial services industry. Please contact us on FaceBook or Linked-In if you are a commissioned sales representative who has experience in finance, banking or insurance sales of services that have residual commission payouts.

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