Distressed Asset Financing

Answers That Create New Opportunities

The CRE new construction loan underwriting process involves many risks, not the least of which is spending time and money on a promising transaction that you ultimately realize isn’t going to close escrow. It’s technically a distressed asset financing transaction that nobody wants to discuss. The developer hangs around becomes a zombie – everyone knows the deal is dead except the developer who only stinks up the place and annoys everyone by demanding to know when the deal is going to close. The problem is the developer doesn’t have the cash required to close or will not provide the cash necessary to close; either way, the outcome is the same. The transaction has to be terminated and the firm has to lick its wounds and move on.

Financing Solutions for CRE Development Projects

But what if you could actually profit from this instead of just move on?

Best-In-Class Investment Loss Prevention & Mitigation

The INVIZEN Platform was intentionally designed to provide the support necessary to turn these zombies into opportunities for the developer to realize a potential gain, potentially recapture their investment, or move on with a minimal loss. This is possible due to the combination of access to capital and the speed and depth at which the INVIZEN Platform performs the full CREFC compliant underwriting review and analysis of the transaction value in light of the current capital market investment preferences for the given asset class. Learn a bit more and visit with us because we remember the broker and pay a referral fee on completed acquisitions thru our affiliates.

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