Non-Recourse Financing for Conceptual Phase CRE New Construction Projects

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Structured Finance Opportunities Via the New SEC Regulations for CRE Developers

CRE developers and entrepreneurs are addicted to Other People’s Money and non-recourse financing. The recent SEC rule change (see SEC Final Rule Release No. 33-10884) has unlocked the door to creating structured financing opportunities as early as the conceptual phase of a CRE development deal.

That’s right, the Conceptual Phase

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Structured Finance Laddered CRE Capital Finance Approach

Get ready to grow your development financing in ways you never thought possible and retain control of your profit-taking opportunities. The new regulations effectively “lock the fox in the henhouse”, creating the opportunity to undertake public offerings at a fraction of the cost and time in a way that leverages capital at potentially insane levels. When the “real cost of issuance” drops to as little as 1% of the total offering, you start to see the picture developing that our overlords in the government have unleashed. There are new rules to be sure and you need to know what you are doing, but once you realize how the new “secret sauce” works, the world is your oyster.

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