Advertising for Investors

The recent changes to the securities regulations open the door for large-scale, sophisticated advertising to the public regarding business and commercial real estate equity capital raises.

Endless Possibilities…

Opportunity to Raise Capital

Imagine you are undertaking a Regulation A registration-exempt offering using the Crowdfunding exemption to raise up to $5 million in your seed round or the Tier I/Tier II exemption to raise up to $75 million for your business or new construction project.

The time-value of money reality combines with the missing financial leverage opportunity.

Time is not your friend until you raise that money. You have to have the means to capture the attention of the investing-public to educate them about your opportunity. This requires you to engage and entertain them.

demo days accredited investor presentations, marketing and solicitations
Imagine all the ways you can now change the way we address capital market investors.

Imagine your offering being viewed live by investment committees, loan officers, underwriters, investors, angel funds and institutional investors, while other investment opportunities are still stacks of paper.

regulation cf capital financing transactions for CRE
Imagine a systemic approach and program to maximize the opportunity to raise equity capital and still control your company’s profit opportunity.

Imagine each segment of the offering document having an explanation and another opportunity to engage the reader.

Imagine doing it all in real-time or near real-time.

Imagine the potential impact on getting the issue sold out.

Imagine that…

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