Where Does Capital Financing Really Come From?

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Every dime comes from the same source – all of us…

Is it the best kept secret of business or the elephant in the room that is always – and conveniently – overlooked? The capital markets are powered by the investing-public. The investing-public is all of us.

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Businesses, entrepreneurs and commercial real estate developers all have a choice in the new regulatory construct for 2021. They can access the source of business capital financing directly or they can access it via any number of middlemen.

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The middlemen are banks, institutional buyers, private equity funds, private lenders, friends or family. In the end, all of it ends up making up our capital markets, yet all of the players need to make a profit. When you access the source, you always get the best deal. So ends a basic lesson in capital financing. You can no longer complain about delays, discrimination, rejection, cost or access. You have the same access as everyone else. The only question you have to answer is how you intend to use your access and the consequences are yours to reap.

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