PPP & EIDL Funding Alternatives: You Had Them All Along & Didn’t Know It

crowdfunding business equity and CRE project capital financing up to $75 million
Are you an American entrepreneur or do you hope for crumbs off their table?

PPP & EIDL Financing Isn’t Something to Bank On…

PPP and EIDL financing is not easy to obtain. In fact, the probability of success odds have pretty much proven out to be worse than playing $5 scratch-off lottery tickets, but you don’t see people using the lottery as their primary fundraising tool for business financing, do you?

capital financing probability of success odds using crowdfunding

There Are Alternatives to PPP & EIDL Available…

The good news is that the securities regulations changes that went into effect this year give you access to capital that is relatively on par with that of public companies.

The Capital Markets Are Evolving…

The capital markets are changing as a result and the old methods of obtaining capital (commercial bank loans, SBA/government-insured loans, venture capital, etc.) are starting to look eerily similar to the buggy whip manufacturers around the time Henry Ford introduced the automobile. Driving a car was and is different from riding a horse.

Crowdfunding probability odds of success for equity financing are similar to those of IPOs due to advertising opportunities

Only You Control Your Destiny…

In the case of PPP and EIDL loans, it appears most businesses may have realized the horse they are riding is a dead horse. So, are you going to stand around and wait for someone or something to save you? Or will you take the matter into your hands and chart your destiny?

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