Parler’s Rude Lesson on Market Opportunity

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Parler has re-emerged from its hiatus with a new infrastructure to support its operations after having learned one hard lesson in business – your competitors won’t be helpful to your cause. Fair play is for losers.

The bigger lesson regarding the prosecution of a market opportunity remains lost on the social media platform and it is even more painful in its potential impact on Parler’s future prospects.

Market Opportunities Don’t Last Indefinitely

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Parler, and its famous backers, seem to have ignored the bigger lesson of understanding that market opportunities are of finite duration. Whether you are raising capital for your business or seeking to become the next Twitter, opportunities on the battlefield of business appear and disappear because of the ever-changing purchasing preferences of consumers.

Parler seems to be relying upon the so-called organic growth business model where the old “word of mouth” approach helps you build your business without investing in the marketing and advertising that other businesses use to develop market penetration.

I think Parler has made a potentially fatal decision to continue to rely on organic growth for two (2) important reasons.

Your Competitors Aren’t Your Primary Feeders

The first flaw in the Parler organic growth strategy is to rely upon existing social media as the source of their future growth. That’s kind of like relying upon Satan to put an end to sin. The existing social media companies have managed to throttle this aspect of Parler’s business strategy already, so what’s next?

Timing is Everything in Business & Markets

The second critical issue the Parler business model appears to be making relates to timing. They had an opening during the election cycle to aggressively solicit customers for their platform, yet they failed to run the typical marketing and advertising campaign that would be expected to create the base of potential subscribers to power the business model forward into profitability, yet Parler relies on parlor tricks and prayers.

The Parler Lesson

If you are seeking to sell a product, service or investment opportunity owing to your proposed business, a sustainable marketing and advertising program that includes budget resources and defined activity schedules is a prerequisite to the opportunity to be successful.

Whether you are seeking to run a business, grow a business or capitalize a business, expecting everyone else to do it for you is probably not a great strategy.

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