Crowdfunding: Acquisition & Rollout Financing’s New Best Friend

crowdfunding method of equity financing offers best potential probability of success and financial investment leverage
Now you have the capital financing tools and access you always said you wanted…

The new securities regulations for 2021 include some hidden gems that bear directly on the capital financing prospects of entrepreneurs and commercial real estate developers undertaking acquisitions and rollouts.

Follow the Rules & Follow the Money

The new regulations do not allow issuers to fund blank check companies or undertake unidentified investments or mergers. That opens the door to many possible transaction constructs that create the opportunity for leveraging up to $75 million in equity capital financing at costs that are demonstrably better for the sponsor than any other pathway in the capital markets.

Stairway to Capital Heaven

Reg A+ securities offering key milestone schedule

The new regulations provide the construct to allow stairstep raises that may include combinations of Regulation CF and Regulation A Tier II registration-exempt concurrent securities offerings that have the potential to create insane IRRs for issuer capital contributions.

The gems are all there – mere diamonds in the rough.

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