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CRE Funding Changes by SEC Spell Big Opportunity
SEC adopted changed to Regulation A, Regulation Crowdfunding ("CF") and Regulation D and created new rules including - most importantly for the markets - Rule 148, Rule 152 and Rule 241.
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Multifamily Housing Construction Financing
The post-COVID capital markets continue to recover and developers seeking new construction financing for multifamily housing have unprecedented access to equity financing for Class A rental multifamily and senior housing development deals. Understanding the role of transaction structure is critical to capturing profit-taking opportunities and exceeding the 40% IRR threshold on the developer's at-risk capital on a consistent basis.
Market Risk Mitigation: Post-COVID Capital Markets
Market Risk Mitigation: Post-COVID Capital Markets
we are launching our post-COVID capital market support program reporting series for the benefit of issuers seeking capital financing, as well as for lenders, broker-dealers, family offices, advisors, regulators and institutions seeking underwriting answers quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.
CRE Loan, Acquisition & Investment Underwriting
CRE Loan, Acquisition & Investment Underwriting
The INVIZEN Verifier underwriting technology incorporates the best CREFC practices and exceeds Basel III HVCRE underwriting requirements. All in one day, starting at just $1,000.
How to Kill BEC Fraud Attacks on A/P
How to Kill BEC Fraud Attacks on A/P
Corporations, businesses and commercial real estate properties all want to know how to kill BEC fraud attacks on their A/P systems. This blog provides a solution option to do just that.
Corporate Fraud Prevention
Corporate Fraud Prevention
Corporations big and small have to deal with the specter of fraud and embezzlement risk, so corporate fraud prevention has been the answer. The challenge is that, by and large, corporate fraud prevention fails to address the cause of the symptoms and so the losses continue to mount up. Jobs, reputations, stock prices, capital and opportunities are all negatively impacted.
Embezzlement Stings
Embezzlement Stings
The use of external audits reduces the cost of these crimes but does precious little to prevent them. Placed in the larger context of invoice phishing scams and other forms of fraud, the question may not be whether or not you are exposed, but have you already been hit and don't even realize it?
Businesses Being Victimized by Advanced Email Invoice Phishing Attacks
Businesses Being Victimized by Advanced Email Invoice Phishing Attacks
As if replacement invoice email phishing attacks are not bad enough, the recent wave of advanced invoice fraud attacks no longer seek to send out a million fake emails and hope to ensnare a few unlucky companies to make their score. The new wave of fraud is based upon careful research of your organizational structure, payment practices and people.
Fraud & Embezzlement Kill Careers, Jobs, Capital & Businesses
Fraud & Embezzlement Kill Careers, Jobs, Capital & Businesses
We can help you put an end to this potential nightmare and create a whole lot of extraordinary benefits in the process. Financial reporting transparency, direct reduction of default risk, improved odds of a successful financing round, elimination of human errors that lead to execution risk, and a direct reduction of loan loss severity risk
CRE Non-Performing Loan Prevention
CRE Non-Performing Loan Prevention
It's time to put an end to this charade of pretending we can manage non-performing loan loss severity risk by having better decision-makers making better decisions based upon better subjective decision-making data.  The INVIZEN RTS Asset Care Protection Program is the only end-to-end solution available today that is designed to help end non-performing CRE loans by addressing the root causes of CRE property business failures.
how capital raising works under new crowdfunding process
Raising Capital Under the New Regs Simplified...
The process of raising capital or obtaining credit is quite daunting for entrepreneurs and commercial real estate developers alike. The new crowdfunding regulations make raising up to $75 million more efficient and (potentially) more certain, but the overall requirements remain the same.
Reg A+ securities offering key milestone schedule
Crowdfunding: Acquisition & Rollout Financing's New Best Friend
The new regulations do not allow issuers to fund blank check companies or undertake unidentified investments or mergers. That opens the door to many possible transaction constructs that create the opportunity for leveraging up to $75 million in equity capital financing at costs that are demonstrably better for the sponsor than any other pathway in the capital markets
venture capital angel investor truth about success odds
Parler's Rude Lesson on Market Opportunity
Parler has re-emerged from its hiatus with a new infrastructure to support its operations after having learned one hard lesson in business - your competitors won't be helpful to your cause. Fair play is for losers.
venture capital angel investor truth about success odds
The Costs of Raising Capital
Raising capital involves measured risk-taking and the investment of capital to raise still more capital. This is unavoidable as a crowdfunding securities offering (or a Regulation A+ securities offering) leaves the issuer to handle their own marketing and advertising.
Broadcast Advertising to Get Capital Financing?
The new securities regulations that went into effect for 2021 now provide businesses, entrepreneurs and commercial real estate developers with two (2) new rules that explicitly allow you, under strict rules to be sure, to advertise the fact you need capital financing before you ever elect one of the registration exemptions under the Securities Act of 1933.
crowdfunding method of equity financing offers best potential probability of success and financial investment leverage
Business & CRE Capital Financing Made Easier
The recent changes in the securities laws that went into effect this January threaten to make capital formation a whole lot easier, if not a whole lost less confusing in some cases.
crowdfunding equity financing for commercial real estate projects and other businesses
Why Do Entrepreneurs Still Dream About IPOs?
Every entrepreneur and business promoter dreams of that future IPO and that big event where they finally go public, access the capital they need and get a ticket to cash out and become wealthy. They dream about it because the average initial public offering takes over 11 months to get filed with a whopping $3 million+ in regulatory costs
venture capital angel investor truth about success odds
The Reality of Venture Capital & Angel Investor Financing
The new path forward for capital financing was created by virtue of the new regulatory construct that is now in place for 2021. Under the new rules, the structure and execution of the capital raise campaign has been fundamentally changed to provide a path to financing that makes venture capital and angel investors a potential luxury that is no longer viable.
gamestop short squeeze may create market volatility and impede capital financing access for businesses and commercial real estate developers
Gamestop: Warning Sign for Capital Markets Access?
The Gamestop short squeeze is a case in point. While many have engaged in the delicious game of schadenfreude when they realized the titans of Wall Street were being beaten at their own game, few have stopped to think about what the ramifications of the Gamestop saga may really be for companies and commercial real estate developers seeking capital financing.

There are business plans and then there are the ultimate business plans created by the business-plan-capital-financing INVIZEN IT Real-Time 

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