A Primer on the Broker Portal…

Once the Invizen IT Analytics 1.0 program goes live in October, great things can begin to happen.  When someone views an Invizen IT Analytics 1.0 report presentation and clicks on the area that says “Critical Information”, this opens a specific portal within the Invizen IT system that is only between the listing agent and the person viewing the presentation on the agent’s listing.  This gives the listing agent the opportunity to make that all-important initial presentation (live or via chat – whatever the user decides) during which the listing agent may have the opportunity to:

  1. Present the latest updated due diligence documentation on the site that is (hopefully!) not already on the listing page itself on the spot; and/or
  2. Offer to present this information in person at a one-on-one meeting with the prospect (even better); and/or
  3. Commence negotiations on the terms and conditions of the proposed sale (better yet); and/or
  4. Agree to terms and conditions for the sale and forward the contract (in real-time) to the prospect for immediate review and execution (best yet).

Now, you could use the legacy method and hope someone will call you on the sign you have on the property or the listing you have on LoopNet or the MLS boards, or; you can have the opportunity to do the same thing in real-time when the prospect is just starting the buying-making decision process.  You just have to Invizen the result you seek and choose the method that works best for your vision.