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It's About the Trust, Not Just the Money...

Whether you are seeking capital financing or seeking to invest in capital markets transactions, you need to be talking to us. Our programs focus on creating bonds of trust between companies seeking capital financing and those who seek investment opportunities. These bonds are based upon the creation of an investment construct that focuses on strong underwriting due diligence, post-funding fraud prevention, vendor risk management programs, and actionable business intelligence designed to carry the transaction forward for the entire investment holding period with the goal always being the same: the prevention of investment losses over the entire investment term. Transaction structuring and reporting services support these unique programs and services - all being offered on a net zero cost basis.

Learn More About Clinton E. Lovell
COO, Rainmaker Analytics

Mr. Lovell is an experienced capital finance professional who focuses on all aspects of investment loss severity risk management and mitigation programs, as these programs and processes are applied to the CRE development vertical. Mr. Lovell’s passion for senior housing programs and projects stretches over the past three decades and includes defined leadership achievements in dementia care development, continuing care retirement community capitalization, national and regional senior housing multi-property rollouts throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.

Mr. Lovell’s passion for underwriting, valuation, feasibility analysis and securities has culminated in his development of the INVIZEN IT Real-Time System of programs designed to prevent investment losses on CRE income-producing properties for the entire holding period of the asset. The INVIZEN system concept architecture represents Mr. Lovell’s crowning achievement for the purposes of FINRA compliant underwriting and due diligence support.

Mr. Lovell is family-oriented, with a dozen children, two dozen grandchildren and now a great grandchild. Mr. Lovell is married to his business partner Ms. Brenda Bishop and lives in Spring, Texas.


We Innovate

Capital Markets Access

A systemic approach to obtaining non-recourse capital financing for your CRE new construction project, acquisition or other business.  Probability of success of up to 96% for 22-week close and 71% probability of success on expected-case 16-week close.


We Engage

Investor Engagement

We support the investing-public’s interest in higher-yielding bankruptcy and foreclosure proof investment opportunities intentionally structured to limit investment risk exposure.  Distributions and funds custody controls to prevent fraud and help prevent execution failures baked in.


We Lead

Innovate & Engage

The INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program provides end-to-end support at each stage of the capital finance offering process unlike any other accelerator or incubator.  Templates and mentors are not engaging innovations.

The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Status Platform provides capital markets access for obtaining financing, monitoring services for protecting capital investment, and reporting services that provide advanced business intelligence that is actionable.  The only end-to-end solution in the market, and that makes INVIZEN truly best-in-class.

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