About Us

If you are in business, sooner or later we are going to get to know one another, so let’s get the process started by telling you about INVIZEN IT and Rainmaker Analytics.  If you are a capital markets participant in the CRE vertical such as a developer,  a sponsor, a family office, broker-dealer, asset manager, regulator, registered investment advisor, lender, venture capitalist, operator or other professional you definitely need to know what we can do to make your life a whole lot easier and more profitable.   That’s because we offer the Rainmaker Capital Markets Program (or “RCMP”).

Rainmaker Analytics is the company behind INVIZEN IT.  INVIZEN IT represents the culmination of 12 years of program development of a B2B platform designed to provide B2B businesses with subject matter experts in every field of B2B endeavor to answer questions in a real-time setting and create opportunities for profitable outcomes for all participants.  Pretty incredible stuff but it doesn’t end there – not by a long shot.

This incredible program starts with our initial phase of activities in supporting the commercial real estate finance industry in CRE development financing because all business are located on planet Earth and this is the most important demographic trait every business shares.  The realization of this fact makes commercial real estate the real driver in every market economy.  Our program is designed to put an end to future losses in investments and loans in commercial real estate income-producing properties (eventually all loans, but you start somewhere – right?) by eliminating common forms of investment fraud, bankruptcy risk and foreclosure risk using proactive, real-time technology.  Investment loss severity risk prevention and mitigation is the core of our program approach.

commercial real estate single-tenant lease acquisition financing

DST commercial real estate single-tenant lease equity financing


DST multifamily housing equity financing for acquisitions

hotel hospitality mixed-use acquisition equity financing

In essence, INVIZEN IT gives investors and lenders what they have always wanted and couldn’t have because of cost and time: the luxury of having their investment re-underwritten every month of the investment holding period to provide maximum investment performance assurance and protection against risks that were previously thought to be unmanageable.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Invizen IT.  If you have questions please feel free to contact us at 832.663.9634 or info@invizenit.com.