Apartment Property Due Diligence

For broker-dealers and RIAs apartments (rental CRE multifamily properties) are attractive properties for acquisition financing – especially when it comes to attractive CRE Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) structures that offering multiple levels of profit-taking.  Apartment property due diligence has never been more important as the core issue is really long-term competition born from changing consumer purchasing preferences as a direct result of innovations and advancements in technology.  Technology risk is the core issue facing DST CRE transactions in general and DST structured portfolio transactions in particular due to the extended holding period that all but guarantees extraordinary exposure to asset obsolescence risk as a result of technology risk issues.  Zero-coupon DST CRE transactions are particularly exposed due to the inevitable changes in the capital markets that are pending (i.e.: increasing cap rates).

INVIZEN IT RTO business operations planning process

The INVIZEN RTS system is specifically designed to deal with technology risk exposure, asset obsolescence risk exposure and FINRA due diligence compliance on a proactive, real-time basis for the entire asset holding period.  Only INVIZEN can offer broker-dealers and RIAs with a complete end-to-end solution that is designed for the CRE finance vertical that includes apartments (multifamily Class A, Class B and Class C properties), light industrial properties, single-tenant commercial properties, single-tenant retail properties, mixed-use properties and more.  We currently support approximately 80% of the entire spectrum of commercial real estate income-producing property intended-use asset classes.  What do you have to mitigate investment fraud claims loss risk and FINRA compliance due diligence?  What do you have to proactively manage potential train wreck fire sales on a real-time basis?  What do you have that can help lower E&O liability insurance costs and claims?

The INVIZEN IT program is designed to take due diligence to its ultimate level.  Our real-time system concept is designed to provide up to 24 months notice of potential changes in competition that could create potential asset obsolescence investment loss risk by combining liquidity management with updates to operating plans for the sponsor each month of the holding period that includes accountability based upon non-subjective productivity measurement and proactive investment fraud certification to help minimize loss event impacts on lenders and investors alike.  The INVIZEN approach provides a comprehensive underwriting analysis and due diligence review using our exclusive intellectual property programs that provide cost-efficient and very timely reporting and event flagging every month of the subscription period.  What do you think FINRA will say about this approach when you face the inevitable audit or OCC loan portfolio review?

The choice is simple: adopt the due diligence standard having a cost that would not even be considered materially-significant or face a continued cycle of headaches that you really don’t need.  Take a moment and talk to an INVIZEN representative today about your CRE portfolio exposure and how to help end the investment loss risk exposure and regulatory compliance environment we all face today.  You can reach us during normal business hours (CST) at 832.663.9634.