Audit Trail Extreme

Robo Audit Trail by iCREDIT

Audit trail execution, accounting and bookkeeping are all integral to financial transparency and fraud prevention. iCREDIT takes these functions to the extreme and directly reduces your operating costs and liability exposure at the same time.

The risk of fraud is supposedly managed by the audit trail function in the world of accounting. Fraud exposure, especially on CRE income-producing property development and construction projects, is a huge problem. The audit trail doesn’t happen until after construction is complete. Well, the horse has already left the barn by then. iCREDIT provides an audit trail function that makes robo-audits look lame by comparison:

  • Audit Trail Proof. Auditing requires a source of independent proof to validate a transaction entry in the chart of accounts. The iCREDIT system provides no less than three (3) independent cross-checks of each transaction payment to ensure fraud is not your issue. iCREDIT makes it easier for you to get that loan or investor capital by demonstrating fraud is controllable for their benefit.
  • Audit Trail Robo. The extreme application of iCREDIT is the robo-audit style auditing of 100% of the chart of accounts on each transaction event (not a sampling once a year or so-called “robo-audit” once a year) in real-time. With iCREDIT you are always audit-ready and can expect real savings on your annual audit because it is all right there and already done.
  • Audit Trail Schedule. The audit trail is typically run at the end of the business cycle. The iCREDIT system runs it in real time on each and very transaction event and then generates the new accounting statements in real-time and delivers them to all financial stakeholders.
Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

What do you think your lender or investors would say about having access to real-time financial reports and not having to constantly yell at you to give them reports?

Do you think it is reasonable to believe that prospective lenders and investors would be more impressed with your proposed financing if you had a multi-leg audit trail run in real-time throughout the deal?

This is your future and the future of business. Learn more about saving time, increasing your odds of obtaining capital and increasing your opportunity to profit from your business endeavors. Talk to us today about how it works starting in the very first month.