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The crowdfunding of business financings and new construction CRE projects requires the best crowdfunding program services approach you can contrive.

The new securities regulations enacted in November 2020) are designed to promote major capital financings (fundings in excess of $5 million) for small and medium-sized business ventures, but especially CRE projects.

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This isn’t your micro-financing of yesteryear any more. The INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program is designed to support capital financings of up to $75 million in early-stage equity capitalizations with a defined crowdfunding program approach that uses a phased capital offering process for the express goal of creating massive levels of investment leverage on these transactions. The predicated drivers are preparation, planning, analytics, expedited execution and a sober appreciation of what it may take to be successful in this new capital markets construct. Start things off with a good-faith estimate.

Overview of Accelerator Program Key Points

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The 21st Century Approach to Accessing Capital Financing

More Than Just Hype – Crowdfunding Requires Preparation, Planning & Execution Management

Capital financing, like all of business and life, is a calculated risk. The odds of a successful crowdfunding financing for a major capital raise (>$15 million) are predicated upon a staged public offering process. The risk phase raise has an expected campaign length of approximately 15 weeks (combination of Monte Carlo simulations and analysis of probabilities of multi-leg marketing program spending). The INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program is conceptually designed to undertake this process and complete the initial risk phase capital financing within 18 to 20 weeks. The inside/minimum funding expectation would be a for the closing window to open within 56 days to the outside/maximum funding escrow closing of approximately 161 days. The typical pre-issuance cost range expectations should be as follows: (1) minimum/best-case scenario of approximately $224,000; and (2) maximum/worst-case scenario of approximately $406,000; and (3) the expected-case scenario of approximately $326,000.

Best Crowdfunding Due Diligence Support

the best crowdfunding due diligence support program services includes all aspects of the offering

Crowdfunding requires more than just listing the offering and we provide the arm’s-length due diligence and follow-on execution support.

Best Crowdfunding Planning Support

best crowdfunding planning approach program

Experts in business planning, execution risk management, fraud prevention, structured finance programs and related services draft your plan.

Best Crowdfunding Program Support

best crowdfunding support program services

A single bullet can only potentially hit a single target. The INVIZEN approach focuses on the totality of the program support requirements.


CRE crowdfunding programs for non-recourse new construction financing

The INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program is designed to support near-term capital financings of $5 million to $75 million for B2B and CRE new construction.

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