Best-In-Class Market Feasibility Studies

Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

INVIZEN offers best-in-class market feasibility studies for all types of securities offerings due diligence, commercial loan underwriting and acquisition transactions.

Pricing can be everything and INVIZEN offers a full market and financial feasibility analysis study starting at $1,000 for most CRE verticals. That makes INVIZEN best-in-class for pricing.

The snapshot First Look Report (see below) provides a quick point summary that is easy to understand and answer the most important question:

Does the risk profile attending this opportunity warrant the deployment of at-risk capital?

The First Look Report provides the key point indicator data summary of an exhaustive set of cataloged market and financial feasibility due diligence that is also available for purchase in cases where a complete underwriting financial risk assessment is being undertaken or considered. The resulting documentation set for the complete feasibility study exceeds 400 pages. That’s best-in-class content.

Best-in-Class Design & Execution

The analytics-driven analysis process eliminates subjective criteria and assumptions wherever possible. The next-gen system completion delivery design includes the logical completion of the assignment where the empirical assumptions and key findings are tested in a pro forma financial model to determine if a reasonable basis may in fact exist for their inclusion. Without the critical financial testing, market studies in and of themselves are wide open to contention and rejection. The processing time is typically one business day and that makes INVIZEN best-in-class performance.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

The First Look Report is part of a total default risk prevention program package that includes full and complete underwriting financial risk assessments, business planning due diligence documentation, securities offerings due diligence documentation, and post-funding execution risk controls that put an end to fraud and the most common forms of non-performance.

The INVIZEN approach is like no other. We offer a stellar value proposition based upon our next-gen analytics system, robust data sets and exhaustive documentation that backs up every report we provide. Find out more about what we do and how we do it by contacting our offices for a consultation.

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