B-D Buy-Side Due Diligence Services

Broker-dealers are in the business of selling securities in exchange for a fee.  Our program focuses on Direct Participation Programs (DPPs) for commercial real estate (CRE) income-producing properties.  Unlike other securities, interests in CRE businesses offer a unique opportunity for perpetual securities sales and this opportunity is only available with our Broker-Dealer Buy-Side Due Diligence Support Program.  This program represents a potential market disruption for the CRE finance vertical in general, and the broker-dealer industry in particular due to our revolutionary technology and proprietary intellectual property.  If you are worried about b-d professional liability insurance premiums and coverage exclusions for CRE securities deals, you need to be talking to us about your future.

The key benefits/opportunities of our exclusive program include:

  • A Perpetual Deal Pipeline.  The creation and maintenance of a perpetual pipeline of transactional business owing to a given property or portfolio of properties for your exclusive benefit – once you get that deal, you have the opportunity to keep it forever thanks to INVIZEN; and
  • Investment Fraud Liability Risk Reduction.  The reduction and potential elimination of investment loss severity risk, thereby reducing your firm’s exposure to allegations of investment fraud, but not by having INVIZEN tell you the proposed transaction is an underwriting reject.  Far from it – the INVIZEN system is designed to support every transactions, so out-and-out rejections would be the exception to the rule (except in cases of fraud, etc.); and
  • Investment Loss Severity Risk Reduction.  The creation of a systemic approach to bankruptcy and technical default risks that lead to foreclosure and/or asset impairment over the entire term of the investment holding period; and
  • Increased Sales.  INVIZEN is designed on a real-time platform, so even though we undertake a comprehensive capacity risk underwriting review, credit risk underwriting review, collateral risk underwriting review and default risk underwriting review it all happens in real-time, so the turnaround is in the range of 2-3 days.  This means you can negotiate aggressively, move quickly and close more sales on the buy-side and the sell-side while your competitors remain mired in legacy systems that do not have the benefit of the exclusive INVIZEN IT technology; and
  • FINRA Compliance Support.  While we do not do legal underwriting reviews, our review process includes an intended-use analysis that tests the site and market for multiple intended-use scenarios, then the INVIZEN technology switches over and creates a full and complete market and financial feasibility study of the subject property, location and market before finally undertaking the underwriting review and analyses that document opportunities, challenges, disclosure issues and mitigation factors that fully support the FINRA Rule 2310 requirements and then some.
  • Profit-Taking.  Part of the INVIZEN approach includes our exclusive end-to-end underwriting and asset performance assurance monitoring that is designed to identify potential train wrecks up to 24 months in advance so the asset can be re-positioned or an orderly exit strategy executed where everyone has the opportunity to profit – especially you.  In fact, INVIZEN if there is a problem (usually a market disruption) INVIZEN’s artificial intelligence will provide the exit strategy that provides the best potential profit outcome and the data that supports it so that better decisions about deploying capital can be made.  No matter what the strategy is, it will involve capital financing and we are pretty certain you would like to have that opportunity, wouldn’t you?
  • Cost-Free Underwriting.  If INVIZEN provides our Asset Care Protection monitoring and investment loss prevention program subscription for the client, the underwriting fees you would otherwise pay are credited to the enrollment – and yes, the monitoring program costs are not even materially-significant until the asset value drops below $7.5 million.

This is only the beginning of the discussion to be sure, but now that you know the issue is whether you will be part of the coming revolution or part of the creative destruction that will follow in its wake.  Take advantage of our special offer that is running right now and call us at 832.663.9634 to learn all about INVIZEN and get the facts that back up the features and benefits that are summarized on this web page, as well as a whole lot more.