Broker-Dealer Due Diligence Outsourcing

What is your time worth?  What happens if you take too long to put together your analysis of a sponsor’s proposal for a commercial real estate private placement offering?  What happens if you are mired in underwriting and due diligence reviews of the property and business operations market opportunity?  Broker-dealer due diligence outsourcing just reached a whole new pinnacle.

INVIZEN offers the first end-to-end solution that is designed to help broker-dealers on both the buy-side and sell-side of a transaction get where they want to be by providing the following key benefits:

INVIZEN offers what the CRE finance industry has been seeking and could not contrive for its own sake: the ability to have a given asset go through a comprehensive capacity, credit, collateral and default risk underwriting review each and every month of the asset holding term and do so in a way that is affordable for any asset having a value of at least $7.5 million.

What will you do?  How will you compete against other broker-dealers that have these important toys in their chest?  How will you reverse the downward trend of b-d revenues and upward jump of operating costs?  INVIZEN, of course.  Contact us at 832.663.9634 today and learn how we can help make your life a whole lot better.