B-D Sell-Side Due Diligence Services

INVIZEN provides due diligence services for Direct Participation Program (DPP) securities sales transactions within the commercial real estate vertical for broker-dealers and registered investment advisors who seek the opportunity to meet their FINRA Rule 2310 due diligence burden, reduce their fraud liability exposure, differentiate their firm from other broker-dealers in a way that create the opportunity for higher sales volumes on unit sales out of the private placement offering.  Every broker-dealer is worried about broker-dealer professional liability insurance costs and the ever-increasing list of coverage exclusions.  Well, now you can do something proactive about it that doesn’t have to necessarily cost you anything.  How about that?

This is possible due to the collection of proprietary intellectual programs and technology that are bound to create a strong market disruption in the CRE finance industry in general, and the broker-dealer vertical more specifically.  The wheel has turned (again) and once again, it will be the opportunity to see which firms will embrace this latest technological advancement (and reap the rewards) and which ones will be left behind.

The INVIZEN Sell-Side Due Diligence Support Program provides the broker-dealer (or registered investment advisor, as the case may be) with the following key benefit opportunities:

  • Increased Sales.
  • Lower Fraud Liability Exposure.
  • Real-Time Turnaround.
  • Low-Cost.
  • Access to More Buy-Side Opportunities.
  • Increased Operating Margins.
  • Lower Sales Barriers.

INVIZEN IT offers an end-to-end real-time underwriting program solution that is intentionally designed to reduce investment loss severity risk because it operates in a real-time environment and is proactive in nature due to its unique artificial intelligence.  On the sell-side of the b-d business, the keys to success are decreasing due diligence turnaround time so that the sales and marketing team can get into the market faster than their competitors and sell out that hot issue to maximize revenues for the house.  This cannot come at the expense of conducting the due diligence that is necessary to meet SEC, FINRA and other regulatory oversight agency requirements and mandates.

INVIZEN gives you the opportunity to rock the boat.  Our technology is designed to move beyond the close of escrow and prevent investment loss prevention for the full term of the investment holding period, giving you FINRA compliance documentation in the process.

Best of all, INVIZEN is very affordable and your organization and offering budget won’t take a hit, it should in fact get some relief.  Become more competitive.  Attract more sponsors.  Increase your transaction velocity.  Increase sales.  Increase your peace-of-mind and safeguard the interests of prospective subscribers all at the same time.  Start your journey today with a simple phone call to INVIZEN at 832.663.9634 to get a comprehensive briefing.