Sales Programs for Selling More Direct Participation Program Subscriptions

Sell-side private placement offering subscription marketing and sales for Direct Participation Programs is fraught with risks, stress and failure.  You need to get into the market fast, lest you loose out to another broker-dealer or investment advisor who got their due diligence done faster.  The reality is that many of them need closer supervision because they are pre-selling subscriptions and hoping the due diligence review comes back in a few weeks and doesn’t show any disclosure issues.  FINRA and the SEC are not exactly accommodating when they find out what has been going on.

What if you could increase your opportunity to get more DPP subscription sales, reduce your due diligence turnaround time and reduce your exposure to future allegations of investment fraud all at the same time?  That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

The INVIZEN suite of DPP commercial real estate property business due diligence services represent a technological advancement that has the potential to completely change the CRE finance vertical all over again.

Now you can have a comprehensive solution that addresses your burning requirement for higher sales, more placement agency agreements for new sponsors, higher profit margins, higher transaction velocities and lower overall loss risk and liability – and all of it is affordable.  In fact, for a limited time, INVIZEN is offering a cost-free alternative opportunity for all new broker-dealers and investment advisors who become customers.  That’s right, we have a neat way of not only helping you, but protecting your investors and doing so in a way that can be cost-free for you because INVIZEN is very affordable.

We can make it cost-free because of the way our system reduces your risk exposure to allegations of investment fraud stemming from CRE investments that don’t work out because our exclusive Asset Care Protection Program is intentionally designed to help prevent bankruptcy petitions as a result of an unforeseen liquidity crisis for the full term of the investment holding period.  The INVIZEN system provides proactive, real-time protection against investment and loan loss severity risk because INVIZEN completely re-underwrites the transaction each and every month of the enrollment period in a proactive, real-time environment.  The technology makes it all affordable to boot.

Find out more about the amazing suite of broker-dealer services and solutions for the CRE finance vertical that can only come from INVIZEN.  Please call us today at 832.663.9634.