Soliciting Broker-Dealer Sales Program

There are all kinds of marketing and sales programs available today to securities broker-dealers who are seeking to have their soliciting broker-dealer sales program bolstered and do so without necessarily increasing their loss exposure to allegations of investment fraud stemming from a failure in a commercial real estate property business capital financing that was done on a private placement offering basis (usually via the sanctioned Direct Participation Program approach).  Nobody wants to gain more sales and then lose money when they come to find out they did it the wrong way.

INVIZEN offers a soliciting broker-deal sales support program that provides the opportunity to realize the following potential benefits:

  • Increased investor satisfaction that can create word-of-mouth advertising, social media posts and related free marketing.  This has real potential because the soliciting broker-dealer put them in a commercial real estate investment opportunity that is protected against investment loss severity risk for the entire term of the investment holding period.  This approach creates the opportunity for the yield to be realized while getting rid of a majority of the common subjective financial investment risk elements (this has the added side benefit of reducing or eliminating the broker-dealer’s loss exposure to claims and allegations of investment fraud – a double-dip of the best kind!); and
  • Increased market timing opportunity that stems from having FINRA Rule 2310 in-depth due diligence completed in a real-time setting cutting weeks off the process, significantly reducing offering and organization expense, and creating the opportunity to get into the investment advisor marketing cycle faster than their competitors who do not have this important advantage; and
  • Control of the asset on a perpetual basis via the INVIZEN program that provides the broker-dealer (i.e.: the placement agency side – buy-side b-d) with advance notice when a recapitalization, sale/disposition or redevelopment program opportunity is going to move forward – well before the rest of the market competitors would have the opportunity to go after that new business.

There are many, many more program services and opportunities created by the INVIZEN system for the benefit of broker-dealers seeking soliciting (sell-side) broker-dealer securities sales on the most efficient and affordable way possible.  It all starts with a phone call to get the facts.  Call us today at 832.663.9634.