Soliciting Dealer Marketing & Sales Program Support Services

Whether you are a big wirehouse or a small IBD increasing your market share for the marketing and sales as a soliciting dealer as part of a Direct Participation Program (DPP) private placement offering of securities in commercial real estate properties business is a continuing challenge.  INVIZEN offers a broker-dealer sell-side support services program that has the following goals:

The INVIZEN program represents a technological achievement that is long overdue in the CRE finance vertical and is aimed directly at the core issues that drive the investment fraud loss severity risk exposure the broker-dealer must otherwise face.  With INVIZEN, you can now increase your participation in DPP CRE private placement offerings because the loss severity risk can be managed for the entire term of the asset holding period thanks to the unique INVIZEN technology and proprietary programs that combine advanced artificial intelligence with real-time data and local market information to create a composite picture of the entire transaction and then re-underwrite the entire transaction on a real-time and affordable basis each and every month of the asset holding period.  This means the exposure to a bankruptcy petition resulting from an unforeseen liquidity crisis can be virtually eliminated over the term of the investment holding period.  This will have a direct impact on the potential to lower E&O insurance costs and increase your market opportunities.

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