Asset Management Due Diligence Services

Whether you are a large wirehouse or a small IBD that is dual-licensed, asset management due diligence is a critical function and presents multiple challenges.  INVIZEN’s asset management due diligence services are specifically designed to address the following asset management issues:INVIZEN RTA Valuation Report

  • Efficiency Enhancement.  Asset management fees include the costs of ongoing analyses for the purposes of determining the timing and type of exit strategy to be deployed for an asset or portfolio of assets.  The INVIZEN system accomplishes this task more efficiently, affordably and quickly than any other system or process on the market today.
  • Dead Deal Costs.  Whether they are lost opportunities or not, broken deal costs are a fact of life and the INVIZEN system provides the critical information needed to assess market and economic potential faster (because we do it for you), more efficiently and at a lower cost that saves travel expense, staff expense and time.
  • Execution Enhancement.  Sponsors want to close and the best offer is usually the first offer and INVIZEN provides the critical information required to assess a transaction faster and at less cost than any other program available today.
  • FINRA Ongoing Compliance.  The INVIZEN program provides the ongoing FINRA compliance documentation and reporting as a matter of course, thus reducing the risks and providing the information the regulators want to have to know you are doing your job.

RTAF Summary Report Screen ShotThere is so much more to the INVIZEN Real-Time Status Asset Care Protection Program that INVIZEN was intentionally designed to support:

  • CRE Developers & Sponsors.  Developers and sponsors seeking capital financing have the advantage of a systemic solution that provides the support needed to increase the odds of a successful capital financing outcome that saves time, money and reduces their capital investment risk.
  • Investors & Lenders.  Investors and lenders seeking to participate in commercial real estate securities private placement offerings and other credit instruments have the advantage of a systemic solution that provides the highest practical investment performance assurance we can contrive.  INVIZEN gives investors and lenders the proactive investment loss severity risk prevention and monitoring they really need, but have never been able to obtain in the past.
  • Broker-Dealers & Registered Investment Advisors.  Securities broker-dealers and registered investment advisors on both the buy-side and sell-side of the transaction have the advantage of a reporting system that provides FINRA compliance support, protection from future investment fraud claims, increased transaction velocity and the opportunity to increase their operating margins – all in one package.  If your firm doesn’t have this approach, then you are still operating in an environment that will penalize your opportunity to profit and control costs.

RTU Technical Report Screen ShotINVIZEN represents the next great step forward in the technology revolution and is specifically designed to address the enhanced risk management issues associated with commercial real estate property private placement offerings of securities (think DPPs) and provide the risk mitigation and loss severity risk reduction the CRE finance industry has craved for so long but not been able to attain.  INVIZEN offers the broker-dealer industry with a suite of services that can only be termed as extraordinary.  Call us today at 832.663.9634 to find out more.