Invizen RTS: Investment Protection

Whether you have a single commercial real estate asset or an entire portfolio of them, loss severity risk is a real issue.  FINRA and the SEC are real issues.  Profitability is a real issue and skyrocketing operating costs are a real issue.  INVIZEN offers you a new way forward using the first end-to-end solution that helps prevent bankruptcy petitions resulting from unforeseen liquidity crises from occurring, as well as the most common foreclosure default event risk issues – for the full term of the investment and in a very affordable way.  If you have fallen into the trap of constantly trying to prevent losses by recalculating your risk exposure by recalculating Probability of Default, Loss Given Default and/or Exposure at Default metrics, you are still living in the reactive world and you are potentially exposed.


The stated return is only possible if all materially-significant risks are eliminated (or reduced to a reasonably manageable level) from a transaction. Up until now, there has not been a way to do this because we live in a market economy and decisions are well-intended, but not always perfect). With the RTS, you can now help protect your portfolio end-to-end by avoiding bad deals upfront and then apply constant monitoring throughout the entire term for maturity , term and technical default risk management that is proactive and forward-looking. The INVIZEN RTS program goal is to cut your loss exposure by over 50% by virtue of our exclusive subscription monitoring and reporting system. We look at the market opportunity issues, financial return issues, default risk issues – everything you need to monitor to your money and help keep it safe from possible capital investment “train wrecks”.  Its always better to get off the train before the train crashes and avoid problems than deal with them after the fact.  This is how we can help dramatically reduce loan loss severity and also tell you when it may be time for profit-taking.  FINRA compliance, reduction of claims and costs associated with investment fraud (if you eliminate the source, you eliminate the potential for claims, right?), increased profitability, increased transaction velocity and higher sales are just some of the benefits.

INVIZEN is a universe of intellectual property created by our team over the last 12 years. We provide feasibility and underwriting solutions at the beginning of your project to help get you started, and then through the RTS, we provide real-time risk management throughout the entirety of your investment holding period. Whether you are a developer, investor, or lender, you will be interested in the RTS system and the added peace-of-mind it may provide to your business income aspirations. We use big data and real-time analytics that give you a unique end-to-end care program for your asset investment. We help take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t, in order to help you in a fast and cost-efficient way.

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