RIA Investment Fraud Defense Services

RIAs, broker-dealers and asset managers are big targets for allegations of investment fraud and the defense of allegations and claims of investment fraud made against securities RIAs can be an expensive proposition. INVIZEN’s investment fraud defense services program is designed to accomplish two (2) key goals:

  • Practical Prevention Program.  INVIZEN provides a practical, proactive solution that minimizes or potentially eliminates the investment fraud claims risk exposure on securities owing to commercial real estate property businesses by helping prevent CRE property operating business failures altogether for the full term of the investment holding period – lower failures means lower claims and that’s a no-brainer everyone can embrace.
  • Proactive Defense Program.  INVIZEN provides defense against allegations by addressing the core problem of the sources of the loss that has already occurred with our suite of analysis restoration services that provide turnaround opportunities to redevelop or re-position CRE property businesses to help quickly alleviate the damage and provide a new path forward.  This is possible because the INVIZEN real-time approach includes a suite of site/market valuation tools that provide multiple intended-use scenarios (up to 28 different property operating business scenarios being tested simultaneously) to determine, all other things being equal, the most likely intended-use that will generate the highest potential future income stream for the benefit of the parties at-interest – another no-brainer solution courtesy of the amazing artificial intelligence at the heart of INVIZEN.
Loss Severity Risk Elimination
The RTS Process for CRE Loan & Investment Loss Prevention

INVIZEN represents a technological advancement that has the potential to change the CRE finance vertical in general, and the broker-dealer securities distribution sales process in particular in a way that no other program can.  INVIZEN focuses on the entirety of the problem and provides the only end-to-end solution in the market today that is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Reduce RIA risk exposure to allegations of investment fraud by eliminating the causal elements that can lead to its creation; and
  • Provide the RIA with the means of helping the investing public insulate itself from potential materially-significant investment loss severity risk exposure; and
  • Provide the investing-public with the opportunity to have enhanced peace-of-mind as well as profit-taking opportunities that were not previously thought possible.

There is a lot to learn from INVIZEN and what we can do to help RIAs and broker-dealers make their companies more profitable and reduce their own loss severity risk.  Start the process today with a simple phone call to INVIZEN at 832.663.9634 to learn more about INVIZEN and our program of solutions for the CRE finance vertical.