Investment Fraud Defense Services

The defense of allegations and claims of investment fraud made against securities broker-dealers are part and parcel to our broker-dealer due diligence services program.  INVIZEN’s investment fraud defense services program is designed to accomplish two (2) key goals:

  • Provide a proactive solution that minimizes or potentially eliminates the risk exposure to allegations of investment fraud on securities owing to commercial real estate property businesses (usually sold through Direct Participation Programs – or DPPs) by preventing CRE property operating business failures altogether for the full term of the investment holding period; and
  • Provide a defense against allegations by addressing the core problem of the loss that has already occurred with our suite of analysis restoration services that provide turnaround opportunities to redevelop or re-position CRE property businesses to help quickly alleviate the damage and provide a new path forward.
Loss Severity Risk Elimination
The RTS Process for CRE Loan & Investment Loss Prevention

INVIZEN represents a technological advancement that has the potential to change the CRE finance vertical in general, and the broker-dealer securities distribution sales process in particular in a way that no other program can.  INVIZEN focuses on the entirety of the problem and provides the only end-to-end solution in the market today that is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Reduce securities broker-dealer risk exposure to allegations of investment fraud by eliminating the causal elements that can lead to its creation; and
  • Provide real-time compliance with FINRA Rule 2310 and FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-22 due diligence requirements in an affordable and cost-efficient manner; and
  • Provide the broker-dealer with the opportunity to create a pipeline of future capital finance transaction profit-taking opportunities that would not otherwise be possible without INVIZEN; and
  • Provide the broker-dealer with the means to expedite sell-side marketing and sales of securities by completing the due diligence cycle faster than current approaches can allow that provide comparable due diligence services; and
  • Provide the broker-dealer with the means of helping the investing public insulate itself from potential materially-significant investment loss severity risk exposure; and
  • Provide the broker-dealer with the means to increase their buy-side placement agency agreement sales and profit margins; and
  • Provide the investing-public with the opportunity to have enhanced peace-of-mind as well as profit-taking opportunities that were not previously thought possible.

There is a lot to learn from INVIZEN and what we can do to help broker-dealers and investment advisors make their companies more profitable and reduce their own loss severity risk.  Start the process today with a simple phone call to INVIZEN at 832.663.9634.