Solutions for Higher Broker-Dealer Placement Agent Sales

INVIZEN offers the broker-dealer community a unique solution for obtaining higher closing rates on broker-dealer placement agent sales agreements with sponsors seeking to issue securities on Direct Participation Program transactions in the commercial real estate property business vertical and dramatically reduce their exposure to allegations of investment fraud resulting from a lack of due diligence stemming from a future property bankruptcy or foreclosure.  If you are the top dog in securing new issue placement agent securities sales agreements and want to stay there, then you need to pay attention.  INVIZEN has deployed a technologically advanced, proactive (think AI), program for the CRE finance industry that operates in real-time.  It’s the world’s first end-to-end solution for underwriting reviews and provides ongoing monitoring for bankruptcy and foreclosure prevention for the full term of the investment holding period.

Having our Broker-Dealer Buy-Side Support Program means:

  • You can aggressively market your firm’s capabilities if you have INVIZEN because our real-time underwriting program solution will complete a full-scope intended-use site/market valuation of multiple intended-use scenarios to help ensure the proposed intended-use is in fact the one that would be reasonably-expected to produce the highest future stream of income (the system runs multiple scenarios all at once to provide both a valuation of the site and the market opportunity the site location creates for each asset class the site would be reasonably expected to support).  INVIZEN runs up to 28 intended-use scenarios simultaneously in real-time using our exclusive technology and proprietary system of intellectual programs that nobody else can offer you.  All of this happens in a day.  You can check the box for compliance with FINRA 2310(b)(3)(B)(vi) because INVIZEN has your back and that means you know the value of the deal and how to negotiate and when to give a little to get the deal off the street.
  • You can also aggressively market your firm’s capacity to get the deal done faster if you have INVIZEN because once the intended-use analysis is complete, the INVIZEN system switches over and runs a comprehensive market and financial feasibility analysis of the specific intended-use and market.  The INVIZEN system tests the key assumptions and findings of the market analysis by inputting the market data directly into ProFormaPro that creates a comprehensive analysis (we can run up to 20 properties and markets at the same time) that confirms the nature of the market revenue capture opportunity, the potential earnings and the capital costs based upon surveyed market data that includes real-time data and our exclusive intellectual programs and outputs reports based upon the user’s selection and needs.  Instead of the project feasibility study taking weeks or months, this is also done in a day.  You can check the box for compliance with FINRA Rule 2310(b)(3)(B)(i) and (ii).  This demonstrates your firm’s capacity for execution and, at the end of the day, the sponsor is only interested in who can execute the fastest.  You can be that firm and negotiate a better deal for the broker-dealer because INVIZEN has your back.
  • You can also negotiate aggressively because – once again – with INVIZEN your ability to execute in a time-sensitive environment (and face it, EVERY CRE deal is very time-sensitive) because the INVIZEN AI also undertakes a comprehensive set of reviews and analyses that are designed to satisfy SEC, FINRA and the capital markets for meeting the test of a “safe and sound” institutional investment that include:
    • Capacity underwriting – the INVIZEN system utilizes the real-time valuation program and feasibility analysis program to create the key analytics of underwritten gross potential revenues, underwritten effective gross income, underwritten operating expenses, underwritten net operating income and underwritten net cash flow and compute it on a month-by-month basis for an entire 10-year reporting forecast period and then present the reconciled findings in the summary report; and
    • Credit underwriting – the INVIZEN system utilizes a unique approach to fixing the problems that have plagued credit underwriting that focus on the elimination of the subjective decision-making criteria and focus on the surveyed market data.  We leave the opinions to everyone else, as everyone has one and our opinion is that your opinion is no better than ours, and ours is no better than the investors’ (or their legal counsel).  Our solution is designed to provide post-funding support and monitoring so that the risk of a bankruptcy petition resulting from an unforeseen liquidity crisis is virtually eliminate over the entire term of the investment holding period, and this is reported out; and
    • Default risk underwriting – the INVIZEN system tests all of the data inputs to determine if critical securities covenants are reflected in the pro forma financial feasibility forecast and that the documentation is consistent (legal underwriting done by others); then
    • Collateral risk underwriting – the INVIZEN system completes a collateral underwriting review valuation that eliminates (again) subjective criteria in favor of collateral valuations that are predicated upon the sum-total of capacity, credit and default risk underwriting so that we can lock-out the vast majority of risk owing to potential maturity default.

Check the box for compliance with FINRA Rule FINRA 2310(b)(3)(B), altogether with INVIZEN, then check the time box because we do all of this in 2-3 business days in most cases.

INVIZEN gives you the time edge, the technological edge and the peace-of-mind that makes it all work.  Best of all, it is very affordable.  For a limited time, INVIZEN is offering participating broker-dealers the opportunity to obtain our underwriting program benefits and do so using our cost-free option.  That’s right, cost-free.  For a limited time, every transaction that results in an enrollment in our asset care protection program comes with a credit of the due diligence fee back to the broker-dealer so our suite of real-time services and benefits can potentially come to you at no cost.  Find out more.  Call us today at 832.663.9634.