Budget Compliance

budget compliance program for fraud management

Ensuring Budget Compliance for B2B Businesses & CRE Properties

Every investor, lender, sponsor, promoter, entrepreneur and borrower lives with the specter of budget compliance requirements being strictly observed, and yet it doesn’t happen.

If you are seeking to obtain the benefit of ensuring budget compliance for a given B2B business or CRE income-producing property transaction, then meet the face of change – iCREDIT. The iCREDIT program was specifically designed to prevent fraud, promote financial transparency and provide proactive tools for ensuring budget compliance isn’t just given lip service.

iCREDIT is specifically designed to address the following budget compliance issues in a way that is affordable, proactive and practically foolproof:

  • Change Orders. Changes happen, but not all changes are acceptable to all parties. iCREDIT puts an end to the specter of liabilities owing to oral change order payment demands.
  • Payment Enforcement. Payments made to vendors, lenders, investors and the sponsor are subject to the strict terms of their respective business deals; no more, no less. Vendors who perform their obligations have their work independently inspected and verified prior to payment being authorized.
  • Savings on Capital Budgets. Accounting and A/P can be a nightmare of juggling priorities and getting payments out. iCREDIT provides payment of all vendors within 48 hours of acceptance of the vendor’s required documentation and inspection. This means real savings can now be potentially realized by demanding “cash on the barrel-head” terms. Sometimes these are big discounts and sometimes these discounts are as little as 2%, but 2% in a business deal can make a big difference in a construction budget, a payout to investors or covering mortgage obligations.
  • Payment Timing. Payment timing is also managed from a fraud standpoint. Every payment has a unique identification system component attached to it that provides the iCREDIT AI with the information it needs to help detect potentially fraudulent transactions and/or inefficient capital deployment. Only iCREDIT offers this unique benefit.

There is more than meets the eye available to every B2B business and commercial real estate income-producing property transaction with iCREDIT. Find out how cost efficient this can really be in terms of a win-win for your business, your lender, your investors and your vendors by talking to us about how the savings start on Day 1 of your subscription.