Business Intelligence

Advance Warning of Up to 24 Months on Your Business’ Market Prospects
Full Feasibility Analysis Demonstrates Market Opportunity Like No Other
Full Underwriting Support to Demonstrate Risk Controls
Pricing Your Deal to Maximize Investment Inducement Potential

INVIZEN IT takes the iCREDIT Business Intelligence approach to the level that you are looking for in state-of-the-art analytics, making you informed, not just an information recipient.

The issue of default risk owing to a lack of being informed about events is one that every business, lender, underwriter and investor goes to bed with each night. Change is unavoidable in life and a constant in business. Changes in consumer purchasing preferences create investment risks to your business that were previously considered beyond your control to do anything about. The iCREDIT Business Intelligence approach (called “Decision Point“) changes this dynamic to help load the deck in your favor as part of your iCREDIT monthly subscription fee. Think about what you might have to otherwise pay to obtain the following benefits:

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford
  • Monthly Market Analysis. Decision Point provides each month a full, complete and tested market feasibility analysis via the INVIZEN First Look Reporting System for the forward-looking 24-month period of your business and primary marketing area. The reporting analytics provide advance notice of potential changes in market conditions that could impact your business (both good and bad) so you can take advantage of these changing market conditions on the fly. That’s more than information – that’s being informed.
  • Monthly Valuation Analysis. Decision Point includes the INVIZEN Authenticator Reporting System that provides an updated valuation analysis of the business based upon current capital market investment preferences to give you the information to make the decision of whether to deploy capital, hold or exit your deal. That’s more than information – that’s being informed.
  • Monthly Financial Risk Analysis. Decision Point includes the INVIZEN Final Check Reporting System that provides the same level of underwriting scrutiny and standards regarding capacity, collateral, credit and default risks to your current business that were applied when the capital changed hands so that you know what may have to change in your business plan of operations, as well as informing your lender and/or investors of changes and opportunities. That’s more than information – that’s being informed.
Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

iCREDIT offers so much more than what you can imagine. Learn about how we can help you increase profits and manage risk starting on Day 1. Contact us today.