Business Models Supported by INVIZEN

The goal of the INVIZEN program is to support all B2B business vertical markets.  The initial INVIZEN launch focuses on the core commercial real estate (CRE) vertical, as the CRE vertical is the bedrock vertical of all economies worldwide (i.e.: all known businesses in the universe have a physical location on planet earth, therefore; all real estate has potential for development as commercial income-producing property, thus making CRE the key industry that drives all other B2B vertical market segments). Currently, the following business models are supported by the INVIZEN program system (a total of more than 20 discrete intended-use scenarios being created and assessed in each RTA Report – click on the appropriate link to learn more about each INVIZEN intended-use scenario model’s development):

The INVIZEN program team continually creates new intended-use scenarios on an ongoing basis and adds these scenarios as they are completed to the overall RTA and RTU program support systems.