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Under the new rules, all of it matters.

Business Plans Under New SEC Rules 241,148, 206 & 152

Business Plans in a Class of Their Own

Business plans are evolving as a result of the new securities regulations that came into effect for 2021. The days of high-flying hyperbole are over and everything in your business plan is now subject to being an exhibit that may have to be provided to the Securities & Exchange Commission. It pays to have experts in securities offerings. Fortunately, we have that need covered.

Choose the right crowd before you go off seeking funding.

The changes to the capital markets process mandated by the new Rule 148 and Rule 241 bring responsibility along with a whole new level of capital financing access to businesses and commercial real estate developers seeking to fund their projects and opportunities. The new rules require you to clearly understand what you can put in a pitch deck and what happens after you release information into the public realm. Compliance is now the name of the game, so know which crowd you are addressing before you start. We can help you start that process on the right foot with the support and documentation services that you need to optimize your opportunity to have the odds ever in your favor.


Business Plans Require Individual Attention

Your documents and materials require interaction to capture the essence of the emerging opportunity or project, limit your exposure to claims of fraudulent inducements, while still maximizing the opportunities for funding on multiple levels. Talk to us about how we manage this process.

Avoid Stormy Weather

The SEC has made it very clear there will be no tolerance for the kind of hyperbole that heretofore attended so-called “business plans”. That being said, the new rules create avenues for you to mine as potential funding sources on a rolling basis, with one avenue feeding the other avenues, thus potentially doubling or trebling the impact of your marketing and advertising.

More Than Just Writing – Interactive Plans

We have found that plans that include video elements enhance the “stickiness” of the plan and may in fact contribute greatly to increasing the odds of a successful funding outcome. A lot of planning, preparation and execution management goes into making this an efficient and affordable process that you will surely wish to consider for adoption. Talk to us about this and see for yourself.

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