Ultimate Business Plan: Capital Financing

The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Business (RTB) Plan for Capital Financing is our ultimate expression of professionalism and service to businesses seeking capital financing.  The INVIZEN IT business-plan-capital-financingapproach to business plan development, like our other real-time services program opportunities, is definitely unique in design and approach (view INVIZEN IT Business Plan Sample).  To understand the value proposition you have to understand the fact YOUR business plan is viewed as the product of the promoter (i.e.: the promoter being you) and that means the information is viewed in light of the fact YOU have a conflict-of-interest (i.e.: you would potentially say or do anything to get the money).  The INVIZEN IT Capital Financing Business Plan presents your proposal for funding from the viewpoint of an independent underwriting analysis and due diligence review set of findings that present material facts.  The goal is simple: the imprimatur of third-party credibility on every aspect of your proposal is there to see and that means the likelihood of immediate and serious funding consideration is obviously enhanced.  Compare the benefits and features to other commercial plan programs, software and writing services and ask yourself what is going to work best for you.  You can order yours by clicking here.

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According to a recent SBA report, more than 4 out of 5 businesses seeking capital risk-management-program-screenshotfinancing in the U.S. capital markets fail to obtain that financing.  What we routinely see as the cause is the failure of the business plan to address the ultimate risk issue: execution risk management.  The reality is that every investment decision comes down to two (2) key considerations: (1) does the market opportunity for deploying capital exist or not? and (2) if the aforementioned is yes, can the promoter pull it off and not lose our money?  The last component question speaks to execution risk and our approach puts the resolution of this issue front and center with comprehensive documentation that would demonstrate to a reasonably-conservative third-party auditor/underwriter/funder that there would be a reasonable expectation that execution risk is in fact manageable.


You are probably wondering what makes our business plan unique and different – after all, a deliverable is a deliverable right?  The fact is the INVIZEN IT approach is an end-to-end service that includes our Real-Time Analytics Feasibility (RTAF) Technical Report that provides the basis for capacity and collateral underwriting, as well as creating the incredibly-important Enterprise Risk Management Plan elements for capital risk management and the Business Plan of Operations that is the key document for demonstrating execution risk management capacity.  In turn, these documents drive our Real-Time Underwriting (RTU) Technical Report‘s underwriting analysis and due diligence review that demonstrates the third-party credibility and confirms the nature of the investment funding opportunity in a way no other business plan template or business plan writer can even hope to accomplish because they do not offer these critical tools.

business plan for capital financing key point indicators pageWhether you have our program or not, if you are not addressing risk management in your business plan’s presentation, you are going to likely lose out and fail to obtain capital financing on terms you can accept.  If you have already experienced repeated rejections of your business plan, then take a hard look at whether or not this issue is being adequately addressed.  Chances are, your plan completely fails on this important underwriting consideration.

The most important activity every business undertakes is obtaining the capital investment required to start-up the business or undertake a growth strategy, and you cannot afford half-measures as we know you already have a significant investment of time and money invested that you obviously cannot afford to lose.  It would probably be in your best interest to at least reach out to Rainmaker Analytics and take advantage of a limited initial consultation that is without charge to get some guidance on the issues you have to proactively manage to optimize your opportunity for success.  Call us at 832.663.9634.