Capital Financing

Welcome to the Rainmaker Analytics Capital Markets Finance Licensing Program.  This program is designed to provide the entrepreneur, business or commercial real estate developer with an end-to-end solution tool kit to maximize the opportunity to obtain capital financing of at least $10 million or more for existing and new business ventures.  This opportunity offers the following key potential benefits:

  • All your pre-closing costs are reimbursed at closing (effectively, 100% financing).
  • You retain up to 90% of the long-term equity and cash flow in the venture – joint/venture transactions retain up to 80%.
  • You may retain management control of your business.
  • For CRE transactions, developer profit distributions may be available at closing
  • Financing opportunity is combined with a profit-taking opportunity at closing (read this memo before you call us).
  • The financing will be equity contributions.
  • For transactions greater than $25 million pre-closing costs are no more than 2% of the funding.
  • All existing loans are paid off.
  • Processing in 21 days or less upon receipt of required documentation.

If you are serious about obtaining capital financing then please watch the brief video below and then contact us to schedule a full presentation.


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