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Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

Rainmaker Analytics provides the most advanced underwriting platform reporting system in the industry with best-in-class pricing, processing time and content support in our financial risk assessment due diligence reports that are part of the Verifier Report series. What you spend months and hundreds of thousands of dollars doing the INVIZEN IT state-of-the-art program renders in 1 day for as little as $1,000.

Special Bulletin on Capital Financing

The biggest challenge facing the financial services industry today is the underwriting review time and cost that attends every new solicitation that comes thru the mail, your inbox or the door. You can spend months and months on the deal only to find you can’t close it because it just couldn’t underwrite.

Verifier System Construct Supports Entire Transaction Due Diligence Chain

If you are seeking lending, securities offering investing or acquisition opportunities as a fund, family office, lender, RIA or broker-dealer, how many more times are you going to spend a fortune in time and money only to find that – once again – you couldn’t get the transaction done because the due diligence required to support it just wasn’t there? You can change that. The due diligence track prohibits you from taking advantage of distressed asset financing opportunities because you can’t get the due diligence done before the opportunity is gone. Real opportunities in the market are routinely missed. You can change that.

Advanced Financial Structuring AI Creates Deal Opportunities

Verifier is part of a larger mosaic that follows your transaction beyond funding to prevent execution risks, liquidity crises, vendor fraud, default risk and market risk exposure for the entire holding period of your investment or loan term. That’s best-in-class.

The INVIZEN System is an end-to-end solution that goes beyond underwriting.

No matter what side of the table you are on, we are on both sides and that means everyone has a path forward that starts with a phone call.

Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

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