Capital Market Services

Special Bulletin on Capital Financing

Rainmaker Analytics provides a wide range of services to the capital market participants focused on preventing default, fraud and the failure to provide transaction transparency. The key benefit is having the confidence that a third-party has completed all required financial risk assessment tasks and done so quickly and efficiently. Our exclusive suite of intellectual property programs provides the opportunity to lower issuance costs and shorten the entire financing cycle for the benefit of all parties. Our services go beyond the funding and provide the same level of due diligence and scrutiny for the life of the transaction that is put into the transaction before the money changes hands.

Issuer Services

Entrepreneurs, commercial real estate developers and businesses seeking capital financing for their business goals must provide third-party evidence that supports their story (called “material representations of fact”). The issuer represents the “sell-side” of the deal and has the burden of providing proof of every material representation in order to garner serious investor participation interest. The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program is designed to provide a full suite of reporting tools that provides the independent confirmation of your story and is backed by the iCREDIT Program to fill in the gaps of the capacity, collateral, credit and default financial risk assessment requirements that pertain to the underwriting of securities offerings and distressed asset financing/acquisition transactions.

We also provide the corresponding suite of due diligence services for the supporting documentation that you will undoubtedly be missing but required to produce nonetheless in order to maximize your opportunity for a successful capital financing round’s completion.

The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program supports Regulation A (Tier I and Tier II), Rule 506 (b) and Rule 506(c) registration-exempt offerings with a full suite of tools and relationships to help the issuer undertake their securities offering with the highest degree of confidence that can be reasonably contrived.

Investor Services

Investors, institutions, funds, family offices and Registered Investment Advisors represent the “buy-side” of the securities offering deal. The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program is designed to give the buy-side the key elements they need to make investment decisions in a timely and efficient manner. Our focus is on default risk, but we undertake a comprehensive due diligence review of a given transaction including the valuation analysis, feasibility analysis of the specific intended-use, capacity, collateral and credit underwriting that is both fast and extraordinarily detailed.

Broker-Dealer Services

Securities offerings are the province of securities broker-dealers and that means compliance with FINRA and SEC. Rainmaker Analytics I, LLC is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. We offer a subscription service to provide relative due diligence reporting tools on a per-seat license basis that exceeds all of the requirements the most finicky auditor may have when it comes time for the annual due diligence audit. Our program provides constant monthly updates of the market risk exposure, capacity risk exposure, collateral risk exposure, credit exposure and our exclusive proactive default risk prevention program designed to provide advance notice of the common default issues, as well as the support you need to make better decisions for your clients. Learn how we can help you reduce your liability exposure, insurance costs and eliminate future investment fraud complaints thru our affordable suite of services.

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