CECL Compliance Cost Mitigation

CECL Compliance Now Means New Opportunities to Profit

The INVIZEN Platform is specifically designed to make CECL transition compliance headaches and costs to your institution’s bottom line be transformed into an enhanced profitability opportunity. The Current Expected Credit Losses calculations require granular risk profiles for each financial instrument.

Proactive Credit Risk Mitigation Before & After Funding

The challenge FASB places before you is forcing you to rely upon the representations of the sponsor/borrower entity in order to make a credit risk mitigation decision. Mitigation doesn’t work – this is why we have CECL to begin with. Prevention is the key to credit risk loss exposure and credit risk loss exposure can only be proactively managed if you can proactively manage default risk loss exposure.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

Default risk prevention requires a set of underwriting tools that would allow you to underwrite the transaction all over again, each and every month of the holding period. That means INVIZEN – the only near real-time underwriting platform designed to provide your institution with up to 24 months of advance notice of issues that could lead to a default. This is actionable business intelligence taken to its logical conclusion. If you were armed with this information, what would your loss reserve calculations look like moving forward? Find out by talking to us today.

Proactive Prevention Focused on Transaction Specific Default Risks

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