Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy Risk Mitigation

The charge-off rate on commercial real estate loans remains unacceptably high and commercial real estate bankruptcy risk mitigation and foreclosure risk mitigation remain an expensive proposition with the industry facing more than $500 billion this year in potential losses, worldwide.  Bankruptcy and foreclosure loss risk mitigation requires a proactive approach to effectively manage that must include:

  • Execution risk mitigation; and
  • Asset obsolescence risk mitigation; and
  • Technology risk mitigation; and
  • Yield maintenance risk mitigation; and
  • Liquidity risk mitigation; and
  • Term default risk mitigation; and
  • Maturity default risk mitigation.

The INVIZEN Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program provides a proactive approach to bankruptcy and foreclosure loss risk mitigation that includes the only end-to-end solution that starts with underwriting and continues every month of the asset holding period to maximize investment performance assurance on multiple levels in a real-time environment.  The INVIZEN program is designed to provide an alternative path to resolving these potential problems by:

  • Producing a real-time valuation analysis each month of the asset holding period of a range of alternative intended-use scenarios to check if the current assets may require re-positioning or re-development into another intended-use to maximize profit-taking opportunities; and
  • Conducting a real-time market feasibility analysis and financial feasibility each month of the asset holding period for the current intended-use to ascertain if changes in market conditions may in fact impact the future revenue-generating potential of the property and local market area; and
  • Conducting a real-time underwriting analysis and due diligence review to determine what measures may be required to maximize the opportunity for investment performance assurance and elimination of investment loss due to an unforeseen liquidity crisis.

There is so much more to the INVIZEN system to understand.  Find out more about this amazing system by taking to an INVIZEN representative today at 832.663.9634.