Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding for New Construction Projects

crowdfunding commercial real estate projects

Crowdfunding is now art but is headed towards being science. Commercial real estate crowdfunding for new construction CRE projects is now set to take center stage due to the SEC rule change in November 2020. The new rule allows the commercial real estate developer to leverage up to $75 million in at-risk equity capital to power the development of a given project or series of projects.

Rule 241 Funding Proposal Advance Release for CRE Project Financing
Current Funding Plan Proposal for CRE High-Yield Investing Opportunities.

Crowdfunding now has the power to become the dominant source of capital financing for new construction projects large and small. Be sure to see our YouTube series.

Historically, more than 4 in 5 deals fail to obtain capital. Crowdfunding now demonstrates better surety of outcome than conventional financing programs.

Our Approach…

Find out how to get the process started. You have questions that need answers. You want to know how crowdfunding stacks up against conventional financing. You want to know the risks and the costs.

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