Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding

crowdfunding commercial real estate
The SEC wants your dreams to come true.

The SEC handed CRE developers the keys to the kingdom in November 2020, with the new crowdfunding rules. Commercial real estate crowdfunding – especially crowdfunding equity capital as early as the conceptual phase – is now going mainstream and you can access a systemic approach to executing your CRE crowdfunding that includes a full array of supporting crowdfunding consulting services from Rainmaker Analytics.

Rule 241 Funding Proposal Advance Release for CRE Project Financing
Current Funding Plan Proposal for CRE High-Yield Investing Opportunities.

The new rules provide the framework for creating a laddered series of crowdfunding raises to fund up to $75 million in non-recourse financing.

The cost?

Competitive with upfront bank loan costs…

The real cost of issuance could be less than 2% out-of-pocket to fund a major project. What’s a major project? Just about anything over $10 million. Imagine funding up to $75 million for a new construction CRE transaction and doing it with all equity, yet creating the opportunity for an IRR to the developer in the deal in excess of 100% per annum on something as mundane as rental Class A multifamily.

The new rules have created a pathway to capital that threatens to completely change your odds of a successful outcome.

commercial real estate project non-recourse new construction financing program

Do Do Due Diligence

Learn how the game can now be played and the multiple closing opportunities the rules provide.

Get Cost Data

Get a good-faith cost estimate on your transaction that puts the potential costs on the table.

Win Your Race

Once you know what you are doing and what it may reasonably cost, get out of the gate.

Let’s build something together.