Commercial Real Estate Development Venture Capital

The change in regulatory requirements regarding private placement securities offerings creates a strong opportunity for developers seeking commercial real estate development venture capital as early as the pre-construction phase of the project development cycle.   Commercial real estate development co-investment equity financing is now a reality as capital market investment preferences have changed and the cost and risk profiles would be generally expected to be better than any other financing alternative available in the market today.

Our program focuses on the following principle benefit opportunities:

  • Reduced opportunity dilution – sponsor retains up to 90% of the long-term equity and cash flow thru performance; and
  • Non-recourse capital funding structure; and
  • Fast approval and processing time (60 days) with closing immediately following approval; and
  • Most project types acceptable; and
  • Must be a project in the range of $10 million to $150 million in total budget; and
  • Liberal liquidity requirement of 1.5% of financing request or less; and
  • Must have pre-construction phase due diligence deliverables in-hand.

If you meet these tests and desire these benefits, then we should talk about your program needs.