Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Reports

Due Diligence You Can Use

INVIZEN provides commercial real estate due diligence reports and reporting services for more than 28 asset classes within the commercial real estate (CRE) vertical that include valuation program reports, market feasibility studies, underwriting analyses and due diligence reviews for both buy-side and sell-side due diligence on commercial real estate securities private placement offerings and lending. The INVIZEN Real-Time Status (or RTS) program provides proactive, real-time reporting support for managing future investment fraud claims loss risk exposure, loan loss exposure and investment loss exposure and uses the valuation, feasibility analysis and underwriting technologies that are exclusive to INVIZEN to support the achievement of this outcome.  Whether you are dealing with the ongoing due diligence compliance requirements of FINRA, the HVCRE guidance requirements of Basel III, seeking to gain control of compliance and its attending liability insurance premium costs, INVIZEN offers the all-in-one solution that is designed to give you the support and opportunity outcomes you are seeking to do more than survive in this ever-changing finance vertical.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

Our focus is on causation and not the effects.  The INVIZEN approach creates a proactive construct for managing execution risk, competition risk created by advances in technology, various forms of investment fraud, asset obsolescence risk and total investment loss severity risk to create better future outcomes and profit-taking opportunities for all of the parties at-interest in the transaction.  This is the future of due diligence reporting that focuses on what the market is doing instead of what may become a loss based upon what has already gone into foreclosure or bankruptcy.  After all, if you eliminate the conditions that would lead to a bankruptcy or foreclosure, then it follows that post-loss mitigation becomes the dinosaur it really is much quicker.

Our suite of services and component due diligence reviews also include the business plan of operations, ERM plan, regulatory compliance plan, employee management plan, management reporting plan and other documents that demonstrate whether or not the sponsor or promoter is demonstrating a capacity to proactively manage execution risk on an ongoing basis without the investor or lender having to rely solely upon subjective decision-making criteria to fulfill this underwriting requirement.

Currently, the asset classes supported by the INVIZEN RTS program include the following commercial real estate specific intended-use scenarios:

  • Multifamily Rental Class “A”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “B”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “C”
  • Multifamily Age-Restricted Rental Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Independent Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Congregate Care Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Senior Housing
  • Commercial In-Line Retail
  • Commercial Single-Tenant (Retail/Commercial/Healthcare Sub-Scenarios)
  • Commercial Enclosed Retail
  • Commercial Mixed-Use Retail
  • Commercial Office Class “A”
  • Commercial Office Class “B”
  • Commercial Office Class “C”
  • Commercial Light Industrial Flexspace
  • Commercial Distribution Facility
  • Commercial Mini-Storage
  • Hospitality – Resort Class
  • Hospitality – Full Service Class
  • Hospitality – Limited Service Class
  • Hospitality – Value Class

The INVIZEN program provides a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate private placement offering due diligence reporting tools that include the following:

  • Site Valuation Reporting. The INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics (RTA) Reporting System provides real-time site opportunity valuations on a full-scope basis. This suite provides a valuation of the site in terms of its potential future income-generating potential for each of the intended-use scenarios above the site is qualified to support with the value of the site to the resulting development program and the potential yield to the sponsor being the outputs. The RTA then ranks the results accordingly and outputs the winning intended-use scenario having the best combination.
  • Market Feasibility & Financial Feasibility Study Reporting. The INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics Feasibility (RTAF) Reporting System provides real-time market and financial feasibility study reports that are used for the purposes of providing evidence of existing and future market opportunity for a specific intended-use business that is part of the due diligence reporting requirement for underwriting a capital financing.
  • Underwriting Analysis & Due Diligence Review Reporting. The INVIZEN Real-Time Underwriting (RTU) Reporting System provides real-time underwriting reviews for credit, capacity, collateral and default risk for CRE property businesses seeking capital financing. The RTU system is specifically designed to provide support for proactive investment loss risk prevention and mitigation on an ongoing basis for the full term of the investment holding period.

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