Decision Point

The commercial real estate industry in general, and the commercial real estate finance vertical in particular, have to come to grips with the rising tide of CRE investment loss severity risk costs. INVIZEN offers the first end-to-end solution in the form of real-time commercial real estate investment loss monitoring and prevention services that provide the critical benefits broker-dealers (buy-side and sell-side transactions), lenders, asset managers, private investors, sponsors and issuers have been seeking but have not been able to obtain.

Those who rely upon reactive measures (think CECL compliance) like simply recalculating the variables that make up their loss exposure will continue to suffer because reactive measures only provide cold comfort after the fox already stole your chickens.

The INVIZEN Decision Point Program provides that one luxury we all want to defend against accusations of investment fraud due to negligence, poor portfolio performance, transaction failures due to bankruptcy petitions resulting from unforeseen liquidity crises, and the most common forms of administrative foreclosure default events.

What is it?

The luxury of having the asset or entire portfolio go through a comprehensive capacity, credit, collateral and default risk financial risk assessment (underwriting) review every month of the investment holding period – and do so in an affordable timely manner.This technological achievement is possible because the INVIZEN system operates in a real-time environment using our proprietary technology and intellectual property programs to create a valuation analysis, market and financial feasibility analysis and the underwriting review in 2-3 days – not weeks or months.

The cost is a pittance – not even materially-significant enough to qualify as a line item on your property’s income & expense statement.Find out about how this amazing system can help reduce your investment loss severity risk (and thereby help eliminate the source of future investment fraud claims), increase profits, increase transaction velocity and provide a sane path forward in the complex environment that is commercial real estate. Contact INVIZEN at 832.663.9634.