CRE Execution Risk Mitigation

Execution risk mitigation for commercial real estate requires a proactive approach, as CRE execution risk mitigation requires an ongoing analysis of a variety of issues that contribute to the totality of execution risk.  The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program includes the exclusive NOW VERIFY suite of anti-fraud tools that are designed to help provide the proactive CRE execution risk mitigation the market has been searching for to help effectively manage the overall investment loss severity risk exposure of long-term investment holding periods.  The NOW VERIFY approach focuses on the following CRE execution risk mitigation benefits that are demonstrated in the INVIZEN IT Real-Time Operations (RTO) Business Plan:

  • Defined management accountability at any level the parties at-interest agree upon – this means verification of accountability all the way down to the lowest wage earner all the way up to the sponsor or issuer level, and anything in between.
  • Required affirmations as to the nature of operations execution, status of remedial measures and other reporting metrics that provide proactive management accounting ability that is the foundation of execution risk mitigation.
  • System tracking to provide alternative business program opportunities for mitigating risks and minimizing the impact of these risks on the value of the assets and the investment.
  • Active fraud deterrence at all levels of the transaction and for all parties involved in the transaction that can happen in a real-time environment and on an affordable basis.

INVIZEN IT RTO business operations planning process

The INVIZEN Real-Time Status program provides the only end-to-end solution that starts with pre-closing underwriting due diligence reviews and then follows the investment for the full holding period to provide the highest level of investment performance assurance the INVIZEN system can contrive for mitigation of the following risks:

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